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The style of this website becomes yours with a website. It will have your name or blog name in the banner and in the domain name (, your pages in the menu, and your blog publications on the home page. But this is only the beginning.

Blogging Local and Global

Your experience and insights are stories to be shared. A website includes an intuitive blog editor as easy to use as email. Your publications become the substance of your home page, but they can go much further. They also become part of Global Publications, the combined collection of stories from all other club websites and blog sites. This means they will be visible in the Global Publications collection of blogs, a list that can be included on the home page of every club site. Imaging the size of your audience with so many points of visibility. Imagine the potential global support of Rotarians who are exposed to knowledge.

Pages and Templates

Adding a standard page to your site is as easy as writing an email. You can even use one of the helpful templates. Flag a page as a menu item and it will be included in the left menu automatically. It's that simple.


Any or all of your members can be given blogging access. This lets them write your club activity, goals, accomplishments - short posts or long is up to you and to them. The benefit is that your club can take advantage of it's most valuable resource, its members. The blogging tool is simple - you can add a blog post, edit one, delete one and publish. Publishing sends an email for authorization to whoever you've assigned as a moderator. The moderator opens a link to the blog, reads it, then if all is acceptable, clicks Approve. A similar process happens for global publication.


The best quality of a web application is accessibility. You have full access from any Internet connection and any computer. All you need to blog from the far corners of the Earth is a computer on the web. Your site and it's functions reside in the cloud. 

Mobile Website

Open your site on a tablet or smart-phone and you'll see every page in a compact, clear and readable view - even on a 5 inch screen. The site detects mobile devices and responds with a compact, light-weight version of your pages. No extra work is required on your part, it just happens. As the web becomes mobile, this is an essential quality to have.

Pricing - $96 per year

There is one price for the Rotarian blog websites: $96 per year. There is no setup fee, no development fee and no anything else fee. You won't even need to register a domain name because a subdomain ( is included. The site, sub-pages, blogging, your sub-domain and the global community blogging platform are all included.

Launching your site can take minutes. The setup form helps you through all the initial steps. If you need more help, we're here for you. Click here to contact us

Ready to get started? click here to create your site now.

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