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Embedding the blog lists into your website is a great way to connect to a global and current source of published Rotarian knowledge. Remember, this content is not controlled by a third party editor but by the Rotarians who write it. There is no better way of accessing such a vast and Rotary-centric knowledge-base. The lists update themselves in your site automatically.

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Most Active Publications

Latest Publications - Active
Calgary Microcredit Conference 2011Viewed 5413 · Comts 0
ShelterBox and Rotary InternationalViewed 5173 · Comts 0
Social Entrepreneurship for DummiesViewed 4993 · Comts 0
Another great Microcredit Conference, Victoria B.C.Viewed 4381 · Comts 0
Not ''Business as Usual'', but ''Unusual Business"Viewed 4041 · Comts 0
Bringing social business to the foreground in CalgaryViewed 3965 · Comts 0
Embed This - Latest
Microcredit - Water Opportunities in Honduras11 days ago
Rotarian Action Group For Microfinance & Community Development Call For Nominations14 days ago
HiMat - Community Development in Pakistan15 days ago
Microcredit Graduation Program54 days ago
Honduras Economic & Community Development Update54 days ago
Is Microcredit alleviating Poverty?62 days ago
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Service Projects

Water - Service Projects
Preparing for the Future420 days ago
Child Haven Orphanage & School Upgrade program, Kathmandu, Nepal526 days ago
Saving and Skill Development to Improve Livelihoods and Outcomes in Microcredit Projects545 days ago
Dying Without Having Lived1032 days ago
Rotarians excel at international service1099 days ago
Rotary helps with ShelterBox1206 days ago
Embed This - Water
Rain Water Harvesting - D3170, India672 days ago
Rotary Global Run4Water677 days ago
Grass roots water filter people ''Potters for Peace''934 days ago
Sustainability Through Creative Financing: The Connection of Water and Micro-finance Programs1047 days ago
TEDxDU - Ron Denham1047 days ago
The LifeStraw Concept1266 days ago
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